Rural places is a documentation of the significant sites directly linked to the author’s childhood memories. The two distinct environments clash together around the same subject – author’s grandparent’s. A small town near Latvian capital Riga, Salaspils is probably the strongest anchor in his emotional body, since it’s his and his parent’s birthplace, it’s where he spends many weekends as a child. At a time, this town barely had a supermarket. Most of it’s buildings were constructed at the times of the second world war.

The series continue with the truly rural site in western Russia, where author’s grandparents have migrated shortly after his birth. In early 90’s this countryside had a few houses, one marketplace, a post office and one school. It’s where his grandmother continued her teaching profession in the Russian language. 15 years since author’s last visit, this place doesn’t feel as magical and lively, but rather abandoned and left behind.